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Season Sixteen

Windows to the Wild

1610 A Hike With Friends

Host Willem Lange is with friends on the Tucker Mountain trail in Vermont. They explore the forests, meadows and wetlands while looking back at a year outdoors during a pandemic.

Windows to the Wild

1609 Hiking Back In Time With Tom Ryan

Host Willem Lange is off to Cape Cod with Kiki for a hike with bestselling author Tom Ryan. Along the way Tom takes Willem back in time to learn what led Willem from the city to a life in the outdoors.

Windows to the Wild

1608 Winter In The White Mountains

Outdoor Afro leader Mardi Fuller will take viewers on a winter hike to the summit of some of New Hampshire's most spectacular four-thousand foot mountains.

Windows to the Wild

1607 Hidden Treasures

Jason Berard is the Stewardship Director at the Upper Valley Land Trust. When he's not working, he's exploring. Along the way he discovers some of NH's "hidden treasures" such as the "Skull Mine" and the mystery of the sunken boat at Smith Pond. Host Willem Lange tags along with Jason to experience some of these oddities, himself.

Windows to the Wild

1606 My Hike With Laura Waterman

In 1971, Laura Waterman and her husband Guy decided to leave behind a corporate life for something more simple. They found it in rural Vermont. Laura Waterman is a hiker, conservationist and prolific writer of outdoor adventure. Willem Lange meets up with Laura to hike and talk about her life in the northeast wilderness.

Windows to the Wild

1605 High Places

Rock climbing guides Jon and Laura Sykes take Willem Lange to the Notches where they show viewers how to enjoy New Hampshire's landscape from the face of Echo Crag. The couple will demonstrate the skill it takes to climb NH's breath-taking cliff faces and talk about how other people can experience it.

Windows to the Wild

1604 Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor educator Scott Ellis is passionate about connecting people with the outdoors. Host Willem Lange visits Scott at a school where students and teachers are dealing with the threat of COVID-19 by getting outdoors.

Windows to the Wild

1603 Preserving A Way Of Life

Host Willem Lange visits one of NH's spectacular public properties to see how conservation of land gives outdoor enthusiasts of doorway to adventure.

Windows to the Wild

1602 Memorial Hike

Hikers Rachael Caron and her husband Christopher Purinton were set to complete all of NH's four thousand foot peaks when tragedy stopped them short. Rachael decided not to let their dream die.

Windows to the Wild

1601 Build It And They Will Come

When Marianne Borowski retired, she had a dream to create an adventure trail across the state of New Hampshire. Her vision was realized and now hundreds of people are part of the adventure.

Season Fifteen

Windows to the Wild

1510 A Trek Through Scotland

Host Willem Lange explores the history, culture and natural beauty of Scotland.

Windows to the Wild

1509 Mountain Safety

Host Willem Lange spends the day at Pinkham Notch where he learns about staying safe in the mountains.

Windows to the Wild

1508 Forest Therapy With Dogs

Host Willem Lange takes a walk in the forests of Shirley, Massachusetts with Forest Therapy Guide Nadine Mazzola and their dogs.

Windows to the Wild

1507 Taking On Mount Washington

Mount Washington is a New England icon that dares people to challenge it.

Windows to the Wild

1506 Classroom On The Connecticut

Vermont teacher Scott Ellis believes that real learning happens outdoors.

Windows to the Wild

1505 On The Trail With Tom Ryan

Host Willem Lange and best-seller author Tom Ryan hike to Sawyer Pond, NH. Their dogs: Kiki; Samwise; and Emily lead the way.

Windows to the Wild

1504 Kayaking With Outdoor Afro

Host Willem Lange kayaks NH's seacoast with members of Outdoor Afro and learns about maritime history often overlooked.

Windows to the Wild

1503 The Mountain Wanderer

Lincoln, NH bookseller Steve Smith takes host Willem Lange on an adventure. They hike the roaring Cascade Trail and relive a bit of history at Waterville Valley.

Windows to the Wild

1502 Dartmouth Outing Club

The Dartmouth Outing Club is the oldest collegiate outing club in the country. Host Willem Lange meets students about to embark on a 50-mile trek and he walks back through the club's history.

Windows to the Wild

1501 Rico The Hiking Cat

When Michael Beaumier decided to hike the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail, he knew he would need a hiking buddy. The family dog wasn't up to the task, so Michael turned to his Siamese cat Rico.

Season Fourteen

Windows to the Wild

1410 Trekking Norway

Fjords, Viking ships and the Lofoten Islands. Perhaps we're not in Kansas anymore. Host Willem Lange explores Norway's amazing places with a group of adventure-seeking New Englanders.

Windows to the Wild

1409 Friday Night Lights

After the sun goes down, the fun ramps up at Black Mt in Jackson, New Hampshire. Host Willem Lange sends skiers out on the alpine trails after dark. It's a new way to enjoy "back country" skiing in New England.

Windows to the Wild

1408 Trailblazing Sue

Sue Johnston accomplished a hiking feat no other woman had done before. Host Willem Lange discovers it comes from her love of the outdoors.

Windows to the Wild

1407 Mountaintop Wedding

What does a hiking couple do when they decide to get married? Stage the wedding on Mt. Washington, of course. Host Willem Lange joins the happy couple at the summit.

Windows to the Wild

1406 Hiking With Tom Ryan

What happens when the mind is willing but the body is weak? Host Willem Lange and best-selling author Tom Ryan discover ways to keep on moving.

Windows to the Wild

1405 Finding Your Way

Harvard physics professor John Huth shows why learning the art of ancient navigation can save your life.

Windows to the Wild

1404 White Mountain National Forest

It's the 100th anniversary of the White Mt National Forest.

Windows to the Wild

1403 Barry Burbank Takes A Hike

Longtime Boston meteorologist Barry Burbank heads up Frankenstein Cliff Trail with his son Trevor.

Windows to the Wild

1402 Pepper And Me

Willem heads out on the trails with Pepper, one of the most accomplished canine hikers in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Windows to the Wild

1401 Hiking for Hunger

Renowned NH chef Jayson McCarter hikes Mount Major with several dozen chefs to raise awareness about hunger.

Season Thirteen

Windows to the Wild

1310 Hiking With The Maniacal Traveler

A plane crash, a fire tower and incredible views -- writer and adventurist Dianne Fallon takes us to Mount Belknap to share these and other secrets of the mountain. Dianne Fallon also known to her readers as the Maniacal Traveler writes about outdoor adventures in New England. She leads us up Mount Belknap to discover its secrets, relive history, and hear intriguing stories about the mountain.

Windows to the Wild

1309 Holy Flotilla

Host Willem Lange paddles the Connecticut River with pilgrims on a ecological and spiritual journey.

Windows to the Wild

1308 Forest Bathing

Willem takes a guided hike deep into the woods where he learns how to slow down and experience nature with all his senses.

Windows to the Wild

1307 Thoreau At Walden Pond

Willem Lange visits Walden Pond where he discovers what life was really like for Thoreau.

Windows to the Wild

1306 The Oldest Thru-Hiker

Meet Dale Sanders, the oldest person to hike the Appalachian Trail in one year.

Windows to the Wild

1305 Outdoor Afro

Members of Outdoor Afro tackle Mt Washington's Tuckerman Ravine as they celebrate black leadership in nature.

Windows to the Wild

1304 Family Vacation

Outdoor adventurist Scott Ellis and his family join host Willem Lange for a night of camping and exploring in Maine's north woods.

Windows to the Wild

1303 Small Steps, Big Challenges To Keep Moving!

Joe Nyberg is 81 years old and lives with stage 4 cancer but it doesn't keep him off the hiking trails.

Windows to the Wild

1302 Birding With Ray Brown

Radio host Ray Brown joins a group of his friends at Boston's Public Garden to go birding - right in the middle of the city.

Windows to the Wild

1301 Meet Kiki

Willem has a new hiking partner, Kiki the rescue dog. He introduces Kiki to viewers when he meets up with Following Atticus author Tom Ryan on the trail.

Season Twelve

Windows to the Wild

1210 In the Footsteps of Atticus

Tom Ryan, author of the bestselling Following Atticus is back with a new dog and he takes host Willem Lange on a hike in the footsteps of Atticus. Hear about the legacy of Tom's dogs Atticus and Will and the path forward with his new dog Samwise.

Windows to the Wild

1209 The Maniacal Traveler

Dianne Fallon's been planning trips since she was 11. Now she writes about her travel adventures. Host Will Lange joins her on history-filled trails in South Berwick, Maine.

Windows to the Wild

1208 Digging Into Vermont History

Vershire, Vermont had one of the most active copper mines in the country until the early 1900s. Host Will Lange hikes to the Ely Mine to see how the site is being reclaimed.

Windows to the Wild

1207 Thrive Outdoors

Thrive Outdoors uses nature to teach leadership and life navigation skills. Host Will Lange joins a teen group hiking the Welch-Dickey Loop.

Windows to the Wild

1206 Trail Builders

The Upper Valley Trails Alliance promotes the use of regional trails for hiking, walking, riding and biking. Host Will Lange joins a group of high school students helping to build and maintain these trails.

Windows to the Wild

1205 She's An Outdoor Survivalist

NH adventure survivalist Laura Zerra hikes Red Hill with host Will Lange, and talks about being on the Discovery Channel's "Naked and Afraid" series.

Windows to the Wild

1204 Flags On NH’S 48

Every 9/11, groups of hikers climb NH's 4,000-foot mountains to place a flag on each of the 48 summits as a tribute to those who lost their lives.

Windows to the Wild

1203 Adirondack Hut Boy

Host Will Lange hikes back to the Johns Brook Lodge deep in the Adirondack Mountains where he worked as a hut boy 60 years ago.

Windows to the Wild

1202 Trail Angels on the A.T.

It takes months to hike the 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Host Will Lange meets “trail angels” whose generosity is legendary among hikers.

Windows to the Wild

1201 Seek the Peak

Hikers seeking spectacular scenery and to raise money for the Mt. Washington Observatory participate in its Seek the Peak event. Host Will Lange joined the hikers and talked with a meteorologist at the summit about predicting weather.

Season Eleven

Windows to the Wild

1110 April Hike On Moose Mountain

Appalachian Trail hikers crossing from Vermont to New Hampshire soon encounter the first of the foothills of the Whites' Moose Mountain. Host Will Lange takes a spring hike with Scott Ellis and his two dogs on this part of the AT, and find evidence of a 1968 plane crash.

Windows to the Wild

1109 Making Tracks

It takes months to hike the 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Host Will Lange meets “trail angels” who offer hikers food, an assist and companionship.

Windows to the Wild

1108 On The Wing

Birds are symbols of freedom, adaptability, and the creative spirit. In this unique performance, birds are celebrated in a blending of music, song and storytelling.

Windows to the Wild

1107 Puffins Of Newfoundland

Atlantic Puffins breed in colonies on rocky islands and are excellent swimmers. Host Will Lange visits Newfoundland, the home of the largest population of these distinctive seabirds in North America.

Windows to the Wild

1106 Hiking For All

Some of the longest accessible hiking trails were created for the Crotched Mountain Foundation in western New Hampshire. Host Will Lange joins a group enjoying these trails.

Windows to the Wild

1105 Will's Family Vacations

The Lange family vacations were spent outdoors and camping. Decades later, they reminisce about those times. Then, host Will Lange and his two daughters camp at Green River Reservoir State Park in northern Vermont.

Windows to the Wild

1104 Mindful Adventures

Cape Cod author Greg O'Brien is on a journey with Alzheimer's disease. He and host Will Lange go hiking and paddling on the Cape, and talk about how Greg's love of the outdoors is helping him cope.

Windows to the Wild

1103 Discovering The Fells

The Fells Historic Estate & Gardens, once home to diplomat John Hay who served Presidents Lincoln, McKinley and Roosevelt, has 83 acres of conserved forest, trails and gardens. Host Will Lange explores the tranquil grounds and its history on the shore of Lake Sunapee.

Windows to the Wild

1102 Kayaking Grandma With A Goal

Scientist and grandmother Deb Walters is kayaking from Maine to Guatemala. While paddling, host Will Lange learns about her trip to raise money for Guatemalan kids who live near garbage dumps to attend school.

Windows to the Wild

1101 Birding By Ear

Some birders have never seen a bird. Host Will Lange joins a group with visual disabilities for a Massachusetts Audubon Birding by Ear trek on Plum Island.

Season Ten

On Belay Kids Hike

1001 On Belay Kids Hike

To mountain climbers,"belay" means to secure someone from falling. On Belay is a NH-based nonprofit that offers adventure-based programs for youths who have a family member with cancer. Host Will Lange hikes Mt. Willard in NH’s White Mountains with an On Belay group that’s discovering community and resilience.

 Buffalo and Tough Cookie

1002 Unusual Hiking Duo - Buffalo & Tough Cookie

An avid hiker, Dan Szczesny and his wife"adopted" the two kids who lived next door to them. Dan and now-teenaged Janelle have been hiking NH peaks ever since, and Dan wrote a book about their experiences. Host Will Lange hikes Mt. Magalloway with Buffalo and Tough Cookie, as they’re known on the trail.

Discover the Emerald Necklace

1003 Discover the Emerald Necklace

Boston's Emerald Necklace offers nature's glory in an urban setting. It’s a "self-preserving instinct of civilization," in the words of Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed it and Central Park. Hike the Emerald Necklace with host Will Lange and see who he meets along the way.

The Allagash & the Master Guide

1004 The Allagash & the Master Guide

Experience the mighty Allagash River with 80-year-old master guide Gil Gilpatrick. He takes guest host Scott Ellis and a group on a week-long canoe trip on the remote Maine river. Gil shares its history and explains why he comes back to the Allagash year after year.

Exploring Wild Iceland

1005 Exploring Wild Iceland

Host Will Lange travels to the land of volcanoes, Vikings, waterfalls and hot water geysers. Along with local guides, he explores Iceland's stunning geology and culture.

Daily Hike Of Monadnock

1006 Daily Hike Of Monadnock

Larry Davis of Jaffrey can see Mt. Monadnock from his home. And for 35 years, he's spent nearly every morning hiking it. He tells host Will Lange why it's so important to him.

Ride The Wild

1007 Ride The Wilds

Ride the Wilds is a series of trails in New Hampshire's North Country for off-road vehicles. See how it opens up the outdoors to people who might not be able to explore it otherwise.

Mountain Day At Colby-Sawyer

1008 Mountain Day At Colby-Sawyer

Every fall, the ringing of a bell at Colby-Sawyer College signifies the start of Mountain Day, when students and faculty climb Mt. Keasarge together. Will Lange joins the tradition, which goes back to the 1850s.

Winter Camping

1009 Winter Camping

Prepared for challenging winter elements, host Will Lange camps outdoors in snowy Vermont with outdoor educator and survivalist Scott Ellis.

Ten Wild Years

1010 Ten Wild Years

Host Will Lange and guests look back at some favorite adventures from the first 10 years of the award-winning series.

Season Nine

The Peak of Mount Greylock

901 The Peak of Mount Greylock

Over the years, the mountain has attracted artists, writers and philosophers. It's where Herman Melville was inspired to write Moby Dick. Boston radio news anchor Mina Greene introduces host Willem Lange to Massachusetts' highest peak.

 Haunted Hikes in NH

902 Mountain Mysteries

Spooky things are lurking on this hike! Host Willem Lange joins Marianne O'Connor, author of Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire and a Nashua guidance counselor, on a hike of Mount Pemigewasset. It's known to be a haunted spot in the White Mountains, and is the site of Betty and Barney Hill's mysterious encounter with a UFO in 1961.


903 Walking Off the War

Along the Appalachian Trail at Smarts Mountain near Lyme, Warrior Hikers trekking NH's section of the AT meet host Willem Lange. The veterans talk about their lives, and why they're hiking the AT from Georgia to Maine as a way of transitioning from military to civilian life.


904 Hiking in Dogtown

Dogtown, part of the forgotten forests of Cape Ann, Mass., offers a trek through colonial history. Elyssa East, author of "Dogtown: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town," takes host Willem Lange on a hike. And, Will explores Dogtown's Babson Boulder Trail with local historian Ted Tarr.

Backcountry Ski Buddies

905 Backcountry Ski Buddies

The Appalachian Mountain Club operates a string of lodges in northern Maine. Host Willem Lange and his old pal Put reminisce and ski the trails in the snowy 100-Mile Woods from Little Lyford Pond Camps to the new Gorman Chairback Lodge.

 A Hike Back to WWII

906 A Hike Back to WWII

History lives on Mt. Waternomee in Woodstock, NH, where in 1942 an American B-18A bomber crashed with seven crew members aboard. Host Willem Lange hikes to the WWII site with an archeologist and a family.

Hiking in the Dark

907 Hiking in the Dark

Randy Pierce lost his sight in 2000, but not his determination to keep hiking. He and his dog the Mighty Quinn demonstrate their partnership to host Will Lange, as all three hike Mt. Willard's rocky trails and slippery stream crossings. In 2012, Randy and the Mighty Quinn finished climbing all of New Hampshire's 48 four-thousand footers.

 Quiet Waters

908 Quiet Waters

While many paddlers search for adventure in white water, canoeist and author Alex Wilson finds both tranquility and excitement in quiet water. Wilson and host Will Lange paddle in western Massachusetts and enjoy the views.

 Long Trail Hike In Vermont

909 Long Trail Hike In Vermont

The author of AMC's Best Day Hikes in Vermont takes host Will Lange along Vermont's Long Trail, pointing out wild plants along the winding path. They enjoy a view of Mount Belvidere and the canyon known as Devil's Gulch.

 YouTube Outdoors Guide

910 YouTube Outdoors Guide

Scott Ellis hikes, camps and paddles around New England all year round, and films his adventures to share on YouTube. Host Willem Lange hikes Cardigan Mountain with Scott to learn how he uses technology to relive his experiences in nature.

Season Eight

Three Mile Island

801 Three Mile Island

Willem visits Three Mile Island Camp on Lake Winnipesaukee. The AMC site has been surprisingly untouched by modernization over the past 100 years, as its campers enjoy swimming, canoeing, sailing, walking and the rustic nature of the island.

Hike to New Madison Spring Hut

802 Hike to New Madison Spring Hut

Willem enjoys spectacular views as he hikes the steep Valley Way Trail en route to the renovated AMC Madison Spring Hut, nearly 5,000 feet up in the White Mountains.

Wildlife Videographer Alfred Balch

803 Wildlife Videographer Alfred Balch

Wildlife videographer Alfred Balch heads into the woods with Willem and uses his camera lens to capture black bears, loons, and other wild creatures roaming around Lyme, NH.

Celebrating a Hiking Old-Timer

804 Celebrating a Hiking Old-Timer

After meeting Don Vandenburgh, an 89-year-old WWII vet and lifelong hiker, Willem cautiously hikes the strenuous Fishin' Jimmy Trail with two of Don's sons. To honor Don, the family helped underwrite the replacement for the old Kinsman Pond Shelter just above Franconia Notch.

Canoeing the Connecticut

805 Canoeing the Connecticut

Willem canoes the Connecticut River from Lemington to Guildhall, VT, with a group hoping to establish a"Paddlers Trail" with campsites along the river from the Canadian to the Massachusetts borders.

Rejoining A Hike

806 Rejoining A Hike

Rev. David Keller invites Willem to hike with him on the Carter Dome Trail at Pinkham Notch, where Keller is rejoining a hike he was forced to abandon months before. Along the way they discover the spiritual side of nature.

Soaring Over Franconia

807 Soaring Over Franconia

Willem soars the thermals in a glider plane piloted by Peter Stauble of the Franconia Soaring Association. They enjoy views of the stunning fall foliage of Mount Lafayette, the Cannon Balls and the Kinsman Range.

Hikes North of the Whites

808 Hikes North of the Whites

Willem and Kim Nilsen, author of "50 Hikes North of the White Mountains," hike part of the 165-mile Cohos Trail. Nilsen founded the trail, which wends through a spectacular remote and largely untread area between Crawford Notch and the Canadian border.

Hiking With Atticus the Dog

809 Hiking With Atticus the Dog

Tom Ryan hikes the mountains of New England because he and his famous dog Atticus love the outdoors. Willem joins the duo on the Hedgehog Loop Trail.

Photographing Foliage at Zealand Falls

810 Photographing Foliage at Zealand Falls

Willem learns some secrets to snapping spectacular shots of foliage from photographer Jerry Monkman of Portsmouth. They capture the views while on an overnight trip to the Zealand Falls AMC Hut.

In Search of Arethusa & The Falls

811 In Search of Arethusa & The Falls

Willem's off to spend a weekend at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, right in the middle of New Hampshire's outdoor playground. The area offers hiking trails, ziplines, fishing streams, and of course, the hotel's namesake to the north.

Exploring the Night Sky

812 Exploring the Night Sky

Willem and NH astronomer John Gianforte head outdoors to explore the wilderness above us – the night sky. Gianforte, who's also known as "The Sky Guy," shows Willem where to look and how to use new technologies to identify planets, stars and constellations.

More about NEFAF and the UNH Observatory >>

Season Seven

Tagging Tuna

701 Tagging Tuna

Off of Cape Cod, Lisa Densmore is trolling for enormous Atlantic bluefin tuna. She lends a hand with the catch-tag-release program tracking this threatened species that's been overfished and whose breeding ground has been contaminated by oil spills.

Cave of the Winds

702 Cave of the Winds

Willem Lange treks along the ridgeline of Mt. Mansfield overlooking Stowe, VT, with the director of the Natural Areas Center at UVM and a viewer inspired by Willem to take up hiking. Confronted by blowing snow and rain, will the trio make it to the Cave of the Winds near the summit?

Leaf Peeping by Balloon

703 Leaf Peeping By Balloon

Willem takes to the skies in a hot-air balloon to get a look at fall foliage from a vantage point that few leaf-peepers see. Pilot Paul DePew introduces us to the sport of hot-air ballooning over Derry, NH.

New Scouts, Old Scouts

705 New Scouts, Old Scouts

An old Scout named Willem Lange spends a weekend at the annual Klondike Derby at Camp Carpenter in Manchester, where Boy Scouts from around NH demonstrate their winter skills. Willem tags along with two teams of Scouts as they compete in a series of events that challenge their skills.

New Scouts, Old Scouts

706 New Year's Moosilauke Hike

Climbing Mount Moosilauke in Benton, NH is a New Year's Day tradition for some hikers. The westernmost of the White Mountains' 4,000-footers, it offers sometimes friendly, sometimes fierce, winter hiking conditions.

Season Six

Lunch at Lonesome Lake

601 Lunch at Lonesome Lake

It's early spring in New England and the snow has left the lowlands, but in the White Mountains winter still rules the day. Host Willem Lange hikes up the icy trail to Lonesome Lake where he prepares lunch for his fellow hikers in the rustic comfort of the Lonesome Lake Hut's kitchen.

Mount Auburn Cemetery

602 Mount Auburn Cemetery

Host Willem Lange tours a Cambridge, MA, oasis - the Mount Auburn Cemetery. The cemetery is the resting place of many important historical figures, included Mary Baker Eddy. It also serves as an arboretum and home to an abundance of birds and other wildlife, and is a popular destination for locals and tourists.


603 Groundfishing

Host Willem Lange spends the day at sea with lifelong NH fisherman David Goethal, who rises before the sun to spend the day hauling nets for bottom dwellers like cod and haddock. Will learns about the art and science of groundfishing off the coast as Goethal talks about changes in the industry over the past 30 years.

Isle au Haut

604 Isle au Haut

Join host Willem Lange as he travels by lobster boat to Isle au Haut, off the coast of Maine, with his friend Bob Wilson, host of Roadside Stories. This sleepy remote island is approximately six miles long and two miles wide with over half of the island's land designated as part of Acadia National Park.

Riding Wildcat

605 Riding Wildcat

Host Willem Lange takes a scenic gondola ride up Wildcat Mountain in Pinkham Notch, NH. Once at the summit, he connects with the Appalachian Mountain Trail and hikes across several rugged Wildcat ridges, then down 1,800 feet to AMC's Carter Notch Hut, for a well deserved night's sleep.

Night in the Clouds

606 Night in the Clouds

Host Willem Lange takes a ride in the Cog Railway's new biodiesel locomotive up Mt. Washington. He then hikes Mt. Monroe, the 4th highest mountain in NH, which offers sweeping views and gorgeous sunsets. Before settling down to a restful night's sleep at the Lakes of the Clouds Hut, he treats the crew to a local ghost story.

Presidential Transverse

607 Presidential Traverse

Host Willem Lange hikes across the New Hampshire Presidential Range to the Madison Spring Hut. The route takes Lange along the Crawford Path about two-thirds of the way up the cone of Mount Washington to the Gulfside Trail, making it a full day of spectacular views from this above tree-line adventure.

Gorman Chairback

608 Gorman Chairback

Host Willem Lange gets a sneak peak at the newest addition to the Appalachian Mountain Club's family of Wilderness Camps in northern Maine. Gorman Chairback reopened in early 2011 after a major renovation. It's part of the camps and trails network being developed by AMC through its Maine Woods Initiative.

Welch-Dickie Loop Trail

609 Welch-Dickie Loop Trail

Host Willem Lange takes a hike on the popular Welch-Dickie Loop Trail near Waterville Valley, NH. Amidst the beauty of the White Mountain National Forest, Willem and long-time friend Gary Moore learn about the federal Weeks Act legislation that saved the forest.

Mt. Washington Zip Lines

610 Mt. Washington Ziplines

If you've ever wondered what it's like to fly like a bird, Willem Lange can show you. He and a group of thrill-seekers ride the ziplines at the Mount Washington Resort, across open valleys from treetop to treetop. Will talks with naturalists about why the region is important for wildlife.

Back-Pond Fishing

612 Back-Pond Fishing

After spending the night in an old logging camp in northern Maine, host Will Lange enjoys a day there, near Greenville, ME. The camp has been converted to a sporting camp by the Appalachian Mountain Club. Willem's plan is to find a Maine Guide and fish for native brook trout in the back country ponds that surround the Lyford Pond wilderness area.

Drift Boat Fishing

613 Drift Boat Fishing

Host Willem Lange sets out on the Connecticut River for a day of drift boat fishing. Joining him are fishing guide John Marshall. They and the NHPBS Spring Auction winner fly-fish for bass along the rugged shores, and explore the river's history and folklore.

Season Five

Acadia's Beehive

501 Acadia's Beehive

The Beehive at Acadia National Park can be seen towering over the horizon from Sand Beach. Host Willem Lange takes a morning hike across the beach to the Beehive trailhead. The path climbs directly up open ledges to the Summit of the Beehive, a one-way distance of less than half a mile and a vertical climb of over 500 feet.

Acadia's Vanishing Trail

502 Acadia's Vanishing Trail

Leave it to Willem to locate this very unique trail that is only visible three hours a day. Only at low tide can you hike this trail to an island half a mile out in Bar Harbor at Acadia National Park. The trail to Bar Island is part of the National Park trail system, but it's not promoted because each year hikers become stranded by the returning tides that submerge the trail in 6 – 8 feet of water.

Hiking Tuckermans

503 Hiking Tuckerman's

Host Willem Lange hikes up Tuckerman Ravine Trail to the Lakes of the Cloud AMC Hut, so named because it is the highest of the presidential huts. The view from the top is breathtaking and only a short hike to the famous hut and a good night's sleep.

Students at St. Gaudens

504 Students at St. Gaudens

America's National Parks attract millions of visitors every year from around the world. Along with those people comes the need to maintain the parks. For decades, the Student Conservation Association (SCA) has been there to keep the parks running smoothly. Join host Willem Lange as he visits Saint-Gaudens Historical Site to talk with the founder of the SCA and some of the students who volunteer to keep these parks a national treasure.

Deep Travel on the Merrimack

505 Deep Travel on the Merrimack

Join host Willem Lange as he paddles a canoe through Manchester's mill region with David Leff, author of "Deep Travel," which describes how to get away from the routine of everyday life -- in your own backyard. Enjoy the wonders of the Merrimack as they observe nature, culture, and discuss the colorful history of this region.
Visit David Leff's blog to find out more about "Deep Travel".

End of the Trail, Baxter Peak

506 End of the Trail, Baxter Peak

Host Willem Lange revisits one of his favorite places, Baxter Peak, at the end of the Appalachian Trail in Maine. Lange hikes up to Chimney Pond and then takes the Saddle Trail to Baxter Peak at a towering 5,267 feet. One must stay sharp when climbing at this altitude as all plans are governed by the weather. You may find yourself in trouble very quickly around these parts.

Falling Waters

507 Falling Waters

As host Willem Lange and good friend Gary Moore hike the Falling Waters Trail, it's easy to see how the trail got its name. Franconia Notch State Park is home to many spectacular waterfalls including Stairs Falls, Swiftwater Falls and Cloudland Falls.

Plum Island

508 Plum Island

The Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island is a favorite destination for birders worldwide. Hundreds of shorebirds, waterfowl and songbirds call the refuge home. Find out what attracts our feathered friends to this special spot.

The Wilderness Corridor

509 The Wilderness Corridor

Host Willem Lange travels by dogsled through an astonishing 29,000 acres of conservation land known as Roach Pond, near Greenville, ME. The land was recently acquired by the Appalachian Mountain Club and connects Baxter State Park with the 37,000 acre Katahdin Iron Works property. Lange learns what the newly created 63-mile conservation corridor means to outdoor enthusiasts.

Winter on Mt. Washington

510 Winter on Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington is "home of the world's worst weather." The 6,288 foot mountain earned this moniker because of its extreme weather conditions and changeability. Many climbers, backcountry skiers, and hikers have been surprised by the sudden change in conditions. Host Willem Lange witnesses firsthand the whipping wind, snow and bitter cold of Mt. Washington from the safety of the Weather Observatory's snow-cat on a ride to the summit.

Season Four

Ice Climbing on Frankenstein Cliff's

401 Ice Climbing on Frankenstein Cliffs

Join host Lisa Densmore and Rick Wilcox of International Mountain Equipment in North Conway, as they brave the treacherously icy Frankenstein Cliffs in the White Mountains. Crawford Notch is one of the most popular and challenging ice climbing areas in New Hampshire.

The Republic of Indian Stream

402 The Republic of Indian Stream

Host Willem Lange travels north to the small town of Pittsburg to explore the Republic of Indian Stream. This section of property was a small, constitutional republic that existed from 1832 to 1835 on the border of the United States and Canada. Described as Indian Stream Territory, the area was named after Indian Stream, a small river that flowed through the region.

Bridle Path to Greenleaf

403 Bridle Path to Greenleaf

Host Willem Lange and his daughter Virginia hike the Old Bridle Path in Franconia Notch State Park. The path once served as a horse trail from the Notch to the Old Summit House, which provided shelter for climbers, but only the house's foundation remains. After enjoying the views from the top of Mount Lafayette, they spend a relaxing night in the AMC Greenleaf Hut just below the summit.

A journey down the Missisqoui

404 A Journey Down the Missisquoi

Host Willem Lange and friends take a canoe trip down the Missisquoi River, which begins in Enosburg, Falls, Vermont, near the Canadian border. The 80-mile long river rises in north-central Vermont and flows north, as if it were looking for a way west through the Green Mountains. The Missisquoi is part of the newly-established Northern Forest Canoe Trail, which runs for over 700 miles from Old Forge, New York to Fort Kent, Maine.

Mt. Washington's Greenroof

405 Mount Washington Hotel's Green Roof Project

The most famous attraction at the Mt. Washington Hotel is, of course, the mountain. Mt. Washington, the highest of the Presidential Range, peers down on guests and visitors from the hotel's backyard. If you'd like to experience the flora and fauna of the alpine region but don't want to go hiking, just take the stairs to the roof of the hotel's conference center and spa. The roof has been transformed into a "green roof," replicating the alpine region typical of Mt. Washington. Cairns, soil and flowers found in the alpine region of Mt. Washington can now be found on the roof over one wing of the hotel. Host Willem Lange explores the great outdoors of the Mt. Washington's Green Roof.

Acadia's Great Head Trail

406 Acadia's Great Head Trail

It's a beautiful morning in Acadia National Park. As daylight spreads across the beaches of Acadia, host Willem Lange is already making his way to Great Head Trail. This trail loops around the perimeter of the small peninsula called Great Head located on the east side of Sand Beach in the park. During the hike Willem is reminded of his teaching days with Outward Bound when the beaches of Acadia were the playground of sea birds and seals.

Mizpah Spring Hike

407 Mizpah Spring Hike

Join host Willem Lange and his guest Rob Burbank, director of public affairs at the Appalachian Mountain Club, as they make their way up the Crawford Path to AMC's Mizpah Spring Hut at 3,800 feet. The Mizpah Hut served as an oasis from a spring storm as Willem and Rob needed to escape a sudden downpour on their 2.6 mile hike up Mount Clinton.

Soaring the Thermals

408 Soaring the Thermals

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Willem? Join host Willem Lange as he glides the thermals demonstrating the science of effortless flight for hawks and other soaring birds. This program is only a small part of a feature documentary where Willem explores the migration of the broad-winged hawk from New Hampshire to South America.

Acadia, Cadillac Mountain

409 Acadia, Cadillac Mountain

Join Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange as he hikes up Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in heavy fog, located on the northern coast of Maine. The views of the park from Cadillac are spectacular and if you get there early enough, you can also witness the first sunrise on the east coast (from October to March).

Climbing Katahdin

410 Climbing Katahdin

Katahdin means "the greatest mountain," a fitting name for the breath-taking finish to the famous Appalachian Trail. Named by the Penobscot Indians, Mount Katahdin at Baxter State Park in Northern Maine is one of the tallest mountains in the region. Host Lisa Densmore hikes into Chimney Pond, the base camp for the mighty Mount Katahdin.

Exploring White Rocks

411 Exploring White Rocks

Host Lisa Densmore explores the spectacular scenery and unique features of the 36,000-acre White Rocks National Recreation Area in Wallingford, VT. Whether you prefer a steep hike to a mountaintop view or a quiet stroll through the woods to a remote meadow, White Rocks Area has the trail for you.

Hampton Beach Revisited

412 Hampton Beach Revisited

The sandy playground is a haven for surfers, sunbathers and devoted runners. But chances are you've never seen it like this – foggy mornings, quiet evenings, and lots of surf in between.

Hiking up Cardigan to High Cabin

413 Hiking Up Cardigan to High Cabin

High Cabin, a two-mile hike up Mt. Cardigan, is a popular rustic retreat for backcountry enthusiasts who are looking for a secluded escape with breathtaking scenery. Host Willem Lange explores the trails and state forest of Mt. Cardigan.

Handicapped at the Highland

414 Handicapped at the Highland

Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange explores his outdoor options at the Appalachian Mountain Club's Highland Center. After being laid up all winter with a bad leg, Willem is determined to see what type of activities and accommodations would be available for an injured or handicapped outdoors enthusiast like himself.

Season Three

Gulf Hagas

301 Gulf Hagas

Explore the spectacular Gulf Hagas and enjoy a stay at the Little Lyford Pond Wilderness Camp in northern Maine in this breath-taking episode of Windows to the Wild. Host Willem Lange travels to Gulf Hagas, known as the "Grand Canyon of Maine" and shares stunning views of the canyon and its many waterfalls and rapids.

Rafting on the Rapid River

302 Rafting the Rapid River

Travel to the North Country with Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange and experience a thrilling whitewater rafting ride down the Rapid River into Lake Umbagog. Prepare for a wild ride as Willem takes on the raging river that includes an awe-inspiring 3.5-mile section of Class III-IV whitewater rapids.

Discovering the Cohos Trail

303 Discovering the Cohos Trail

Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange hikes along New Hampshire's Cohos Trail, a 162 mile-long trail system that begins south of Crawford Notch State Park and ends at the Fourth Connecticut Lake along the Canadian border. This remote trail leads to its Canadian brother, the Sentiers frontaliers route, and part of the International Hiking Trail System.

Seals Off Our Shores

304 Seals Off Our Shores

Learn about the dramatic comeback of New England's seal population in this episode of Windows to the Wild. Once, nearly hunted to extinction, these adorable sea-creatures are now thriving thanks to the dedicated work of the individuals profiled.

Exploring our Rocky Seacoast

305 Our Rocky Coast

Explore the wonderful underwater world of the rocky New England coast with Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange. Willem introduces Wendy Lull, President of The Seacoast Science Center, who discusses a project to film the intriguing creatures living along our coastline.

Hiking Mt. Madison

306 Hiking Up Mt. Madison

Take a hike along the Airline Trail with Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange. Willem winds his way up Mt. Madison and enjoys an evening at the famous Madison Spring Hut. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this rustic hut situated in a field of tall grass and alpine flowers.

Moose Whispers

307 Moose Whisperer

Prepare for a unique view of the world of moose as Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange tags along with a modern day "moose whisperer." Charles Willey, wildlife photographer and former Fish & Game biologist, grew up in the Great North Woods and has been studying the moose population around Colebrook his whole life. Wiley, who has witnessed moose behaviors most of us will never see, heads out into the woods in search of wild moose.

Mt Moosilauke, hiking with Riot

308 Mt. Moosilauke, Hiking with Dogs

Enjoy a beautiful fall morning hike with Windows to the Wild host Lisa Densmore and her dog, Riot. Joined by Tom Burack, Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Services, Lisa and Riot set out from the east side of Mt. Moosilauke at the Dartmouth Outing Club's Ravine Lodge. Join Lisa and Tom as they set out on a fantastic adventure up the historic mountain trial lead by the exuberant pup, Riot.

Waterfalls of the White Mountains

309 Waterfalls of the White Mountains

Hunt for the biggest and the best waterfalls in the White Mountains with Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange. In this stunning episode, Willem explores the best waterfalls including the tallest, Arethusa Falls, and the most impressive, Glen Ellis Falls.

Kayaking the Pawtuckaway

310 Kayaking the Pawtuckaway

Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange tries his hand at kayaking, learning the basics of this popular sport with kayaking instructor, Shawn Roche. Together, they paddle the serene 800-acre Pawtuckaway Lake located in the Pawtuckaway State Park in Nottingham.

Spring in New England

311 Spring in New England

Awaken to the beauty and simplicity of early spring in this magical episode of Windows to the Wild. Watch as Windows to the Wild captures the last images of winter melting away and reveals the enlivening arrival of spring in New England.

Hiking up to Galehead

312 Hiking up to Galehead

The White Mountain's Gale River trail leads Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange to the Appalachian Mountain Club's famous Galehead Hut. Once his gear is stowed away in the hut, Willem hikes a short distance up the Frost Trail to the summit of Galehead for a breath-taking view of the Pemigewasset wilderness area.

Memories of Hurricane Island

314 Memories of Hurricane Island

Take a trip back in time with Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange and his wife Ida as they return to Hurricane Island, where they lived and instructed students in character development through self- discovery, while raising their own children. The couple walks along the historical Outward Bound paths of the remote island off the coast of Maine; reminiscing about the wonderful times they spent living so close to nature.

In Search of the Blueback Trout

315 In Search of the Blueback Trout

What is a blueback trout? Join Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange as he searches for the elusive fish, which makes its home near the North Country's Red River Camps. This 22,000-acre parcel of true wilderness, owned by the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, is located outside of Portage in northern Maine. It is the perfect place to find the blueback trout, which is native to northwestern Maine in the headwaters of the St. John and Penobscot rivers.

Mount Chocorua the Legend

316 The Legend of Mount Chocorua

Mount Chocorua is a popular destination for hikers. Although it is less than 3,500 feet in elevation, its rocky summit commands excellent views in all directions. Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange hikes the mountain trails exploring the legend of an Indian Chief named Chocorua, who uttered a curse upon the land as he was forced to plunge from the summit.

Season Two

Traveling Down the Connecticut

201  Traveling Down the Connecticut

Host Willem Lange takes a relaxing paddle down New England's longest river.  Listen to the gentle lapping of water against the canoe, as Willem shares a bit of the history and geology of this magnificent resource.

Camping on the Connecticut

202  Camping on the Connecticut

Windows to the Wild makes an excursion on the Connecticut River.  Host Willem Lange stops on Howard Island to set up camp.

Isle of Shoals

203  Isle of Shoals

Just an hour boat ride off the New Hampshire seacoast lies an archipelago of nine, small rocky islands that is one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world.  Windows to the Wild introduces you to a group of hearty scientists and students dedicated to preserving and studying these Isles of Shoals.

Blueberry Picking

204  Blueberry Picking

William Lange visits Blue Job Mountain, where he takes time to pause and appreciate the beauty of this site and sample the wild blueberries.  Also, meet Ingeborg Seaboyer, a Department of Forests and Lands biologists who discusses the ways the Department has been conserving this beautiful natural area.

Lakes of the Clouds

205  Lakes of the Clouds

On this Windows to the Wild, Willem Lange travels from the busy summit of Mount Washington to the Lakes of the Clouds Hut a mile and a half below.  Willem explores the means to reach the summit with a look at the Cog Railway, the Mount Washington Auto Road, and hiking trails.  Then, take a tour of the buildings on the summit.  Finally, admire the alpine flowers that thrive above the tree line.

Lonesome Lake

206  Lonesome Lake

Join host Willem Lange as he and Rob Burbank from AMC hike up to Lonesome Lake to do some fishing and stay in the rustic comfort of the Lonesome Lake Hut.

Zealand Hike

207  Zealand Hike

Spectacular views await as Willem Lange treks up to beautiful Zealand Falls, nestled in the White Mountains.  Learn about the devastating forest fires that ravaged this area over one hundred years ago.

The Cog Railway

208  The Cog Railway

Willem Lange takes a ride on the historic Mount Washington Cog Railway.  This "cog" train takes passengers on a three-mile adventure straight up to the top of Mount Washington.

Apple Picking

209  Apple Picking

Visit Demeritt Hill Farm in Lee, NH.  Once struggling to stay in business, Demeritt Hill Farm began using a model they call agri-tourism to keep the farm going.  Not only does the farm grow apples for the market, but the facility is also available to the public for recreation.

Carter Notch – Carter Notch Hike and Hut

210  Carter Notch – Carter Notch Hike and Hut

One of the most unique hiking opportunities available in the state, the "19 Mile Trail" reveals a rocky, ever-changing landscape.  Join Willem for camping in the AMC's Carter Notch Hut and learn the history, geology and beauty of this treasure of New Hampshire.

Rock Climbing Humphrey's Ledge

211  Rock Climbing Humphrey's Ledge

The Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire offers some of the most diverse rock and ice climbing in the world.  Brad White of the International Mountain Climbing School in North Conway will join Casey Blad for a dizzying trek up Humphrey's ledge.  Along the way, they discuss the history of climbing in the Mount Washington Valley.

Medawisla Wilderness Camps

212  Medawisla Wilderness Camps

Join Windows to the Wild host Willem Lange as he explores the Appalachian Mountain Club's Medawisla Camp.  Part of an AMC plan to preserve the sporting camp tradition in Maine's 100-mile wilderness region, Willem snowshoes to the cabin and enjoys a hearty meal and a rest by the fire.

Skiing Tuckerman's

213  Skiing Tuckerman's

Lisa Densmore hosts this edition of Windows to the Wild where she experiences skiing on Tuckerman Ravine on the southeast shoulder of Mount Washington.  Famous for its spectacular scenery, deep snow and challenging hiking and skiing terrain, this mountain has no ski lifts and hikers much climb and carry all their equipment, food and cold weather gear.

Dogsledding in the Northern Wilderness

214  Dogsledding in the Northern Wilderness

Windows to the Wild takes a dogsled ride through Maine's 100-mile wilderness in the Moosehead Lake region.  Host Willem Lange dogsleds through some of Maine's most spectacular scenery.

Little Lyford Pond

215 Little Lyford Pond

Host Willem Lange unpacks his gear for stay at the Little Lyford Pond Wilderness Camp.  Enjoy the adventure as Willem explores this unique camp which is owned by the Appalachian Mountain Club and is hidden in the backcountry way up in Northern Maine.

Season One

Mount Kearsarge

101  Mount Kearsarge

Windows to the Wild visits Mount Kearsarge in Warner.  Just under 3,000 feet in elevation, Kearsarge is home to some of the oldest granite in New Hampshire.

Hampton Beach

102  Hampton Beach

Chances are you have never seen Hampton Beach like this.  Watch as devoted runners and wandering treasure hunters roust New Hampshire's sandy playground from its foggy sleep.

Umbagog Lake

103  Umbagog Lake

Watch and listen to the world waking up during a beautiful morning sunrise on Lake Umbagog.  With over 1,800 acres surrounded by mountains and virtually unbroken forest, Lake Umbagog is one of the most serene and pristine wild places in New England.

Blue Job Mountain

104  Blue Job Mountain

Carnivorous plants, spectacular views and the stunning sounds of nature at peace can be found on Blue Job Mountain.

Connecticut River

105  Connecticut River

Travel the Connecticut River with Windows to the Wild.  The river forms all but a tiny piece of the western boundary of New Hampshire and at 400 miles from its source to the sea, it's new England's longest river.

First Snow

106  First Snow

After the leaves have fallen the days have shortened, the year's first snow slips quietly over hill and valley, and into our hearts.

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