A Few Words from Wordgirl/Ears to You

A FEW WORDS FROM WORDGIRL - The school is gearing up for Inspiration Day, and since WordGirl's heroic actions always uplift the town's citizens, the Principal asks WordGirl to make the keynote speech at the event. WordGirl agrees but immediately begins to feel the pressure. People are expecting a lot from her speech, and even though she can always be counted on to provide a word's definition, can WordGirl really use her words to inspire people? Vocabulary Words: Dawdle, Inspiration. EARS TO YOU - Mr. Big is up to his mind-control tricks once again, this time through the use of some ultra adorable Squishy Bunny Ears. When Becky sees the Ears for sale, she scoffs- "Who wants to wear those?" Turns out, Mr. Botsford does, and as soon as he puts them on, he causes a citywide craze. People start buying up all of Mr. Big's Squishy Bunny Ears. It's BUN-demonium. Can WordGirl figure out Mr. Big's latest trick before the whole town is under his mind control? Vocabulary Words: Original, Laughable.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 708

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