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Farms and Foraging

Sat, Jun 29 5:30 P.M. NH EXPLORE      

On this episode of Weekends with Yankee, it's all about farms and foraging. Our first stop is in Vermont, as cohost Amy Traverso visits the Woodstock Inn & Resort's spectacular Kelly Way Gardens and learns about cooking with heirloom squash. Then it's over to Vermont's Quechee Gorge, which-with its drop of 165 feet-ranks as the deepest gorge in the state. Next, cohost Richard Wiese searches for glass orbs on the beaches of Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island. Finally, Amy goes foraging for mushrooms with Portsmouth chef Evan Mallett of the Black Trumpet restaurant.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 308

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Sat, Jun 29 5:30 P.M. farms and foraging     NH EXPLORE
Sun, Jun 30 11:00 A.M. farms and foraging     NHPBS

About Weekends with Yankee:

WEEKENDS WITH YANKEE is a 13-part travel and lifestyle series named for the long-running publication enjoyed by readers across America for more than 80 years.

With New England among the nation's top tourist destinations, the magazine-style program takes viewers on an insider's exploration of the cities, countryside locales and far-flung places in the quaint and scenic region.

The series is hosted by Richard Wiese, (Born to Explore) , an Emmy Award-winning TV personality, author and explorer who has traveled to all seven continents, participated in two expeditions to Antarctica, and cross-country skied to the North Pole.

Amy Traverso, a senior food editor at Yankee magazine who has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show and the Food Network's Throwdown with Bobby Flay, joins Richard as co-host.

She highlights recipes, local flavors and the sense of community that make up the regions' food and dining scene.

WEEKENDS WITH YANKEE offers an "all-access" behind-the-scenes pass to the unique attractions that define the region, and the hidden New England that only locals know.

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