Episode One

Mon, Dec 10 10:00 P.M. NH EXPLORE      

Thomas Malone returns to Shetland after 23 years in jail for murder. His release coincides with the murder of local journalist Sally McColl. Perez must investigate both cases.

Episode Duration: 58 minutes and 30 seconds

Episode Number: 115

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Mon, Dec 10 10:00 P.M. episode one     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Dec 11 3:00 A.M. episode one     NHPBS

About Shetland:

DI Jimmy Perez and his team investigate crimes within the close-knit island community of Shetland.

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Mon, Dec 10 10:00 P.M. Episode One     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Dec 11 3:00 A.M. Episode One     NHPBS
Mon, Dec 17 10:00 P.M. Episode Two     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Dec 18 3:00 A.M. Episode Two     NHPBS
Mon, Dec 24 10:00 P.M. Episode Three     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Dec 25 3:00 A.M. Episode Three     NHPBS
Mon, Dec 31 10:00 P.M. Episode Four     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Jan 1 3:00 A.M. Episode Four     NHPBS
Mon, Jan 7 10:00 P.M. Episode Five     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Jan 8 3:00 A.M. Episode Five     NHPBS
Mon, Jan 14 10:30 P.M. Episode Six     NH EXPLORE
Tue, Jan 15 3:30 A.M. Episode Six     NHPBS

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