shakespeare & hathaway-private investigators
This Rough Magic

Old school magician, Lawrence Pross, is in the midst of his grand finale when tragedy strikes and his unlucky volunteer is fatally trapped in his medieval iron maiden. Accused of involuntary manslaughter, Lawrence is reduced to performing cheap tricks to passing tourists. His daughter Maggie doesn't believe the trick was faulty and convinces Lawrence to enlist Frank and Lu. They believe their act was sabotaged by Lawrence's nemesis Anton. Frank and Lu are unconvinced by the case but agree to take it on when smarmy rival PI Chester Patterson mocks their sleuthing prowess. As Frank and Lu delve into a world of illusion and sleight of hand they meet surly stagehands and thorny travel agents, each with their own version of what happened on that fateful night. But is Lawrence really innocent, or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

Episode Duration: 44 minutes and 19 seconds

Episode Number: 104

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