moveable feast with fine cooking
Cambridge, UK

We're on the road in Cambridge, England, to cook a feast with host Alex Thomopoulos and critically acclaimed chefs Tristan Welch and Alex Rushmer in this week's episode of Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking. The day begins with a trip to source some amazing local ingredients at Flourish Produce, which specializes in growing seasonal vegetables for the area's leading chefs. The trio also forages fresh herbs by the River Cam and makes a stop at an award-winning gin distillery that makes outstanding gins using local botanicals-and ants! Our adventure culminates at the University Arms Hotel with a cup of tea and a true British picnic, including Charred Ricotta and Pickled Beetroot Toast, Cured Smoked Trout, and Salt-Baked Kohlrabi with Turnips, all served to guests eager and delighted to dine al fresco with these top chefs.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 21 seconds

Episode Number: 702

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