Best of the Joy of Painting: Special Edition

A cult-like figure since his low-budget, unrehearsed and unedited Joy of Painting programs first aired in 1982, the late Bob Ross' enduring popularity is attributable to more than just his paintings. His serene, nurturing disposition can serve as therapy for the weary, and his respect for nature and wildlife have helped heighten environmental awareness. BEST OF THE JOY OF PAINTING: SPECIAL EDITION, THE highlights the soft-spoken Ross as he completes his beautiful "Home in the Valley" painting and offers a glimpse into his painting techniques. It also features an off-set painting class where a handful of young fans are learning to create under the guidance of a premiere Bob Ross certified instructor, and includes man-on-the-street interviews as well as celebrity and athlete testimonials.

Episode Duration: 57 minutes and 5 seconds

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NHPBS Over-the-Air Broadcast

WENH-TV Ch. 11 Durham

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W50DP-D Ch. 50 Hanover

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