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Message from Peter Frid

As summer approaches, I look around my community, and I am in awe of the strides that my neighbors and local businesses have made throughout the pandemic. Restaurants offered take out service, museums hosted virtual exhibitions, and theaters experimented with online events. Never have I seen so much creativity to keep our communities afloat.

I’m also proud of the critical work that New Hampshire PBS has done in the past year. We’ve kept you informed of what is happening in the state with our new online series THE STATE WE’RE IN, and we’ve kept you engaged by hosting virtual screenings and thought-provoking discussions with hundreds of people from all over the country about THE BLACK CHURCH: THIS IS OUR STORY, THIS IS OUR SONG, the new documentary HEMINGWAY from Ken Burns and a local program that tackles the shortage of workforce housing, COMMUNITIES AND CONSEQUENCES II.

When our schools closed their doors, NHPBS helped thousands of families across the region with digital resources for students, educators and parents with our LEARN AT HOME website, and two of our five channels are delivering targeted educational content to early learners and high schoolers every day of the week.

When you needed it most, we offered you an escape from the news of the day with inspiring programs like READING FREDERICK DOUGLASS, our local high school quiz show GRANITE STATE CHALLENGE and MOUNT WASHINGTON AUTO ROAD TO THE SKY, which is nominated for a regional Emmy. And we connected you with topical discussions and genuine lighthearted moments by offering special online events hosted by CIAO ITALIA’s Mary Ann Esposito and WINDOWS TO THE WILD’s Willem Lange.

I believe that hopeful days lie ahead, and the promise of summer brings a sense of new beginnings and endless possibilities. This is especially true for New Hampshire PBS. As we start a brand-new fiscal year, our producers are in the planning stages of the next season of WINDOWS TO THE WILD, and we’re in partnership with MacDowell to bring you a  special celebration that will air in August. To dig deeper into critical issues that are facing our underserved communities, THE STATE WE’RE IN team is launching a race and equity series. We have ambitious plans that promise to inform, educate, entertain and delight the senses in the months to come.

But before we look ahead, we must close the books on this fiscal year. New Hampshire PBS is counting down to June 30th, when this year, like no other in our history, ends and a new one begins.  This is where you can make an incredible difference. We need your help to position us to start the next year on strong financial footing.

Your gift right now at will enable us to continue to deliver on our mission to provide equal access to programs and services that help viewers navigate a rapidly changing world, make informed decisions and explore the vital issues that affect us all.

As local cultural venues start to re-open, I ask you to look around your community and support our friends and neighbors—safely take in a local show, enjoy a meal from a restaurant around the corner and support a local non-profit that may be struggling to stay in business.

TOGETHER we’re capable of anything. From all of us at New Hampshire PBS, thank you for your support!

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For over sixty years, NHPBS has provided the residents of New Hampshire and Northern New England with the best of PBS and award-winning local programs. To this day, the station remains committed to a handful of time-tested tenets: commercial free programming that engages minds, connects communities, and celebrates the Granite State in a way that entertains as well as educates and has impact beyond the broadcast. NHPBS is valued by its viewers for providing high quality, educational programming that can’t be found anywhere else. PBS and its member stations, like NHPBS, has been voted the #1 trusted brand in America for 14 consecutive years by the American public (Source: Roper Poll).


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