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May 2021 Connections

When you think of Grappone, you may think of the auto dealer in Bow where you can purchase your next Ford, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai or Toyota vehicle. But if you look underneath the hood, you see the person who keeps the engine running is Amanda Grappone Osmer. As a fourth generation owner and operator, she’s leading Grappone Automotive with clear principles of integrity, kindness and respect, which ripple out into our communities.

“Grappone’s mission is simple: to build lifelong relationships with our team members, guests and community,” says Amanda. “One of the best ways we know how to build lifelong relationships is by supporting those groups and individuals who keep the community humming.”

With Amanda in the driver’s seat, Grappone is supporting a wide array of projects in the Granite State, including land conservation, early childhood education, combating homelessness, resurrecting Main Street in Concord and renovating the iconic Colonial Theater in Laconia.

New Hampshire PBS also appears on the list of beneficiaries of Grappone’s philanthropy. “I believe that NHPBS does a terrific job of telling New Hampshire’s story as well as bringing us high quality programming from around the world. I always feel smarter after spending some quality time with NHPBS,” says Amanda.

The feeling is mutual. “Building a relationship with a company that believes in the educational mission of New Hampshire PBS is a win-win partnership,” says Bryn Burns, NHPBS Manager of Corporate Support & Community Relations. “We can take Grappone’s organizational philosophy and match it to what we are doing on-air and with our online community outreach events.”

Amanda’s love for New Hampshire PBS runs deep both personally and professionally. “NHPBS is just about the only thing I watch. I have a subscription to NHPBS Passport, so I watch a lot online no matter where I am,” says Amanda. “One of my favorite things is finding a new show when I’m traveling for work. It makes the hours in a hotel room much more enjoyable. My personal favorites are anything with a British accent, mysteries and Curious George — love that little monkey.”

Amanda also served on the New Hampshire PBS Board of Directors from 2016 to 2019. “I like to serve on boards of organizations that make New Hampshire a better, healthier and more creative place. NHPBS checked all the boxes, plus you get photo ops with world famous friends like Bert and Ernie.”

The impact that Amanda is making in our local neighborhoods and on the national stage is being celebrated. She was awarded the 2020 Robert Frost Contemporary American Award for her leadership in business as well as her volunteer and philanthropic work. She was also recently invited to join the Ford Motor Company’s prestigious Global Dealer Roundtable. We know that Amanda’s legacy and business philosophy will continue to drive the success of communities in the Granite State.

As for why her organization supports New Hampshire PBS, Amanda explains, “It is my hope that when people see that Grappone supports the work of NHPBS, they will realize that we also love and trust the station in all its forms: on-air, online, in classrooms and in the community. It is rewarding when we are able to serve fans of NHPBS. We know we’re in good company!”

To learn more about how your company can partner with New Hampshire PBS, contact NHPBS Manager of Corporate Support & Community Relations Bryn Burns at bburns@nhpbs.org.

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